The Automotive Industry Awards (AIA) is open to all Victorian and Tasmanian Automotive Chamber of Commerce (VACC/TACC) members, both accredited and non-accredited.

Applicants must be a current financial member business, be the primary holder of the membership and have been a member in 2023.

Each application must be for one member business. If you wish to enter an award for more than one business site, each site must be a current financial member and have an individual member number.

Applicants can apply for a maximum of two separate award categories per member business.

Applications entered must relate to business activities undertaken between 1 January – 31 December 2023 and a member in this year.

VACC/TACC member businesses and/or individuals that have been in breach of the VACC/TACC Code of Business Practice during the qualifying period are ineligible to enter the AIA. If following an entry submission the nominated business goes into administration, voluntary receivership, liquidation or bankruptcy, the applicant must advise the Awards Applications contact and accept the business is no longer eligible for an award.

President’s Award – Employer of the Year The Employer of the Year can be a business or an individual. An employee may nominate the business or business owner. Alternatively, the business owner can nominate themselves for this award.

Business location classification Some award categories have been classified into business location – e.g. metropolitan or regional Victoria.

Business size classification AIA administrators will cross-check applications to ensure the correct award category classification based on business size.

Applicants need to acknowledge if they own a small or large business. Small business: 15 or less employees (full time or part time). Large business: 16 or more employees (full time or part time).